Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Heavenly Gifts for a Blessed Pregnancy and Healthy Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics
Heavenly Gifts for a Blessed Pregnancy and Healthy Baby

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics is your “gift from the earth for your gift from heaven” as the logo states on their website. Melinda Olson, nurse, herbalist and mother has been making her all natural, USDA Certified organic products for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women since ’02 in her Oregon home.

I love these products because they are not genetically modified and they are organic and smell great, from Olson’s teas to her lotions and oils, she has you covered and because she is a mother, she knows what you need even if you don’t know it (Boobie tubes? What are those?). You baby is covered too with soaps, lotions, oils and booty balms.

Melinda Approved

My favorite products so far (I am currently 32 weeks pregnant so I haven’t had a chance to use postpartum, breastfeeding and baby products) is the great smelling stretch oil blended with all natural grape seed oil, jojoba oil, borage oil, calendula oil, sweet orange and regular orange oil. The scent is amazing! Whether you have morning sickness or not, this spray awakens your spirits and helps you to breath easier!

Natural Stretch Oil

My other favorite is the Morning Wellness Spray, which seems to be a favorite amongst other EMABO lovers. I think of early summer when I spray my face with this stuff. I haven’t had much morning sickness however just spritzing my face on warm spring days while pregnant has been amazing and it is healthy to use on babies and children too. My nieces love it. Olson blends lime oil, ginger, tangerine oil, sweet orange oil, organic olive oil and vanilla extract together beautifully to

Olson considers all situations with women, those who are having aches, pains, nausea, dry skin, stretch marks, mamas new to breastfeeding, postpartum mommy recovery, she even covers the unfortunate cases when mamas loose their little ones too soon with special gift packages to help them to heal.

Olson’s business is super green and toxic free, using recycled paper products and all natural ingredients every time. EMABO is so good for mama and baby that hospitals recommend this organic product line.

My favorite parts of the website are the BLOG for mamas and mama’s-to-be and the Birthing Plan. The birthing plan is super detailed and perfect for mamas who have questions about a natural birth, vaccines, mama medications and those special details.

I am recommending this line to all mama’s whether you are expecting or already have introduced your little one to the world. Have a healthy, non-toxic start with organic non-g.m.o. products that will help you and your wellness, not to mention your baby!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Website
Buy the products here, sign up for the newsletter (I received an e-book for free about breastfeeding and herbs, so it is worth it) and, of course the amazing birthing plan.

EMABO Blog For Mamas
Mama’s shares tons of D.I.Y. recipes, how-to with herbs, about labels & toxins, pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, loss of a baby and so much more.



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