Devastatingly Spicy Pineapple Cilantro Salad Dressing

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Are you looking to spice up your get-ready-for-summer diet with something fresh, exciting and tasty? I’ve got just what you need to add a little something-something to your “not-another-salad” lunch or dinner, and don’t worry about the calories. I can’t vouch for this calorie count but the health benefits are all in the dressing.

Makes 10 TBSP – Multiply recipe as needed
(2 TBSP per serving)20160504_191632
Four TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
Two TBSP Olive Oil
One TSP Lime Zest
½ Lime Juice
Two Freshly Sliced Pineapple Rings
Two TSP Fresh Ginger
1/3 Green Chili Pepper
¼ CUP Fresh Cilantro (adds freshness & color)
Salt/Pepper to Taste

Bam! Now Throw all of this is a blender until all you see green…chill and then serve over your favorite salad. Before you toss your salad, test your dressing. If you want more tartness, add more lime. If you want more sweetness, add a small piece of pineapple or even organic local honey. Add chili for more spice.

Now to make your salad. My choice is a mix of super-greens with organic cucumber, vine-ripe tomato, green bell pepper, pan-sauteed chicken (in coconut oil then toss in honey and my mom’s house made apple cider vinegar at the end)… then add a little cilantro for added flava! You can make yours however way you want, add pineapple chunks, fuji apple slices, almonds, carrot, the salad is your creation and the world is yours.

Take a taste and I hope your salad is as fresh and tasty as mine was. Enjoy!

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