Harriet Tubman on our Currency: Honor or Disgrace?

Harriet Tubman on our Currency: Honor or Disgrace?

By D.B. Stearns
Contributing Writer
Author of Harmonic Wars

I read a fantastic article at “The Free Thought Project” concerning loosing Andrew Jackson for Ms. Harriet Tubman’s face on $20 bills. It said, “Harriet Tubman deserves all the praise society can give to her and we are certainly not claiming that she isn’t worthy of the predilection to land her on the $20 bill. However, this woman was an enemy of the state and it was for this reason that she was great.”
harriet tubman
I agree, Ms. Tubman deserves our respect, honor and gratitude for what she selflessly did to free 70 slaves from the yolk of oppression. The article goes on to lay out in detail that putting her on our money does NOT honor her as one might think and it might offend her if she could only see the implications. This is an affront to modern civilization and also a constant reminder of a horrific action that was legal in our country and should never have been.

The Federal Reserve represents the bankers who have slowly subjugated our citizens’ step by step. They fund wars for both sides of a conflict then force the governments to pay back those loans. They’re the reason for the origin of income tax, which was established to pay back the debt from the American Civil War. Since that time they continued to fund wars and increase income and other taxes on the general public. American citizens have a “Tax Freedom Day” which is a time-frame that we have to work in order to pay our taxes. Tax Freedom Day is slipping making our “servitude time” longer and longer. The chart below, courtesy of taxfoundation.org shows the alarming trend from 1900-2010. In ’13 Tax Freedom Day was April 2 however that has increased to April 24. Is this not a form of slavery or at the very least indentured servitude?

I’m offended FOR Ms. Tubman and I will refuse to accept these bills in her honor. Sounds crazy but I hope you will understand part of my reasoning. I do not believe she would have allowed this type of thing to continue any more than our forefather would have. I also do not think we need the constant reminder of a slavery riddled past, as it serves more to widen the racial divides that we should be working to bridge. We should never forget our history because we need to learn from it and never return to those mistakes. Our country does need healing and to come together as Americans. There is too much divide amongst us now.

I look back at the faces on our currency and ask myself, would any of our forefathers accept this symbol of servitude, being under the Federal Reserve? I have to answer with an emphatic NO! They stood up against taxes and oppression which is the very thing we have subjugated ourselves to. Our currency does not say “U.S. Treasury Note” it says “Federal Reserve Note” instead. The Fed does not report to any Department in our government and has no government oversight. So in essence “We The People” have placed ourselves under the yolk of oppression to the very people that our forefathers fought against. We welcomed them in and GAVE them control without oversight and our founders would be outraged at all of this, not honored by having their picture on our currency.

So in retrospect, take ALL our forefathers off the currency or turn this back into control for “We The People” by placing “U.S. Treasury Note” at the top of each bill and put the Federal Reserve under government oversight by elected officials. If this is truly not a sham, then name ONE Fed Chair who was denied the position like so many Supreme Court Justice nominees has been in the recent past. We need to pull back the curtain and see who’s pulling the purse strings.

(*Picture of Harriet Tubman courtesy of washingtoninformer.com)

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