Memorial Day Weekend Summertime Peace 4 Yo’ Blueberries

Memorial Day Weekend Summertime Peace 4 Yo’ Blueberries

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Yo, this recipe is for everyone who is planning on having the best Memorial Day Weekend ever! If you ever wanted to make a healthful dessert or snack for the masses that tasted like perfection and no overheating your house with an oven then check this simple dessert.

Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt
Organic frozen Blueberries (or any other berry or fruit you like)

(Serves One, Multiply as needed)

Take one cup of vanilla bean Greek yogurt fanned out on sandwich plate with a large spoon or spatula, add enough frozen blueberries to make a peace sign. Freeze the plate now for 45 minutes or until yogurt is hard. Blend together with a splash of blueberry Kombucha and wham, you have frozen blueberry yogurt with probiotics!! #desserttoyourhealth

It really is that simple.

*For group-size amounts, use a pizza pan and follow the same directions (use entire container (one-two 24 oz. containers).

blueberry yogurt frozen

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