$aucy Talent & $avage Drive, This Louisiana Based Hip-Hop Artist Rises to Claim His Fame

$aucy Talent & $avage Drive, This Louisiana Based Hip-Hop Artist Rises to Claim His Fame

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Self-professed ladies man, New Orleans, LA native $aucy $avage; whose name $aucy is defined as how well he dresses and $avage translating to being a risk-taker, has been writing lyrics since he was 12-years-old and since then has been producing mixtapes and albums under Dawglife Entertainment, formed between himself and his brother and partner, Young Dirty who eventually was incarcerated in ‘11 for 20 years.

The two childhood friends had been writing, producing and performing music for quite a while when they came up with the idea to form their own independent label whose slogan is “Be a dawg at everything you do.” Since Young Dirty’s prison sentence, $aucy $avage who currently resides in the small town of Saint Rose, LA has taken the torch on his own, managing his own career and recording label. His first artist who he has signed is Jredd, an up-and-coming rap music artist.

“The goal is to keep hope alive [and] eventually grow big in time from music to new artists to merchandise. I am just keeping hope alive!” exclaims $aucy $avage.

Since childhood, $aucy $avage’s love for poetry and music has kept him motivated for his own success. He remembers writing rhyming schemes as a way to cope when he grounded as punishment as a kid by his parents. Much of his hip-hop influences growing up came from artists such as Ja Rule, Tupac, DMX and The Hot Boys.

“Ja Rule inspired me not to be scared to sing or rap. Ja Rule inspired me to make songs for the women [whereas] DMX taught me to spit bars and rap about real-life situations. Hot Boys and Wayne motivated me to [get into] freestyling and to pop with my dress and style.”

His first album, “Dawglife Music Vol 1” produced by @KCDAProducer and released in ‘14 was an online success with several good reviews. During this time, $aucy $avage had the chance to perform songs off his album such as, “Trust Nobody” and “Pills.”

$aucy $avage writes about many different subjects which is what makes his music so appealing to the masses. He covers the gamete between heartbreak to healing; grinding and the struggle. $aucy $avage’s music is all about the ‘savage’ life, which can be defined as getting out of the mud, dusting yourself off (or showering) and getting back up again ready to succeed without complaining. These are lessons he was taught while growing up. $aucy $avage grew up in poverty and couldn’t have whatever he wanted. This made him hungry to find out how he can be fruitful within his own success not just to help himself but to put his family in a better position.

“It caused me to grind [even] harder and become more focused.” $aucy $avage explains whose goals with Dawglife Ent. include an apparel line, a Dawglife dog food brand and owning his own production studio.

$aucy $avage released “Kibbles N Drips” August ’19 co-featuring Jredd. $aucy $avage has big aspirations of building a fan base built on marketing his mixtapes and albums online and he is already on his way to give back to his community by gifting his own branded t-shirts to kids and adults who are in need. $aucy $avage’s sound is like a gravitational pull, once you are in you are hooked. He raps about temptations around him like pimping, addiction and drugs. He also writes about having fun and his own swagger. Self-acknowledged ladies man, $aucy $avage is so hooked on the ladies, he keeps his own little black book with details about all his female friends and encounters. Much of his music reflects this attitude and lifestyle.

“If I was to take a lady on a date, I would take her on a helicopter ride to view the city line. Eat at a rooftop bar and end it off with a horse carriage ride through my city.” Says $aucy $avage with a grin. $aucy $avage strives to find his special lady whose interests are industrious, creative and of course career-driven.

Before the incarceration of Young Dirty, $aucy $avage performed quite a lot with his partner in music. Places like the now-defunct “The Chat Room” in New Orleans and The District in Lafayette are places where a lot of good memories have taken place.

“The last night [of performing] with my brother, Young Dirty was so special because my whole entourage was on stage with me,” $aucy reflects who shares that besides two people, everyone on that stage that night is either dead or serving federal time. Young Dirty should be released next year to continue building their label and music production.

Some experiences can never be relived again, according to $aucy $avage whose songs, “Don’t Want It,” “Ride For Me” featuring Young Dirty and Kristie and “My Life Is A Movie;” all of which are tracks on his first album “Dawglife Music Vol 1,” are some of his most memorable tracks to date. Top downloaded tracks on Apple Music for $aucy $avage’s newest album, “Savage Stories” album are “Ohh Nahh Nahh” and “Cold World.”

Some of $aucy $avage’s current goals are to increase views of his tracks on Apple Music and other platforms as well as expanding his network and getting back out to perform. He shares that the perfect roster would be NoCap, Meek Mill, YNW Melly and himself on a ticket. $aucy $avage has put in work, bringing a down-to-earth style with his lyricism. He believes in himself and that is what it takes to keep grinding and continue chasing his dreams.

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