Proponent of Anti-Bullying, Slyide Knows First Hand How it Feels

Proponent of Anti-Bullying, Slyide Knows First Hand How it Feels

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Independent poetry-driven emcee and hip-hop dancer, Slyide, who resides in Ashland, VA is managed by Ace Talent Management with publicity through UBO Consulting Services is excited about new music he is working on; including a remix of a popular country song set to lyricism, while putting his past behind.

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Last year and not so long ago, 32-year-old Slyide was managed by the independent music label, Bentley Records who; according to the label, had a non-exclusive distribution and marketing contract with him. According to Slyide, once the contract was up, Bentley planned to charge a fee for him to resign with the label another year. The two parties decided to go their own way and Slyide’s ’18 album remained shelved by the label.

“Hardly anything that the initial contract stated [was] delivered,” Slyide opens up.

Slyide was then able to release, ‘Kiss Your Scars’ on his own. The track is a tribute to not only his life but to the woman in his world. The two are expecting a little one in mid-January this year. The excitement in Slyide’s voice about becoming a father for the first time can put a smile on just about anyone.

My first impression of Slyide, shows a fine mix between being humble in who he is and at the same time very proud of his accomplishments. Sharing some of his life struggles during our conversation is really what raised the idea that Slyide has pushed himself to his limits to succeed. Slyide has lived on the Autistic Spectrum since he was just two or three-years-old.

He was not diagnosed until he was a few years older and this made it difficult for others to understand him. Even as an adult, Slyide has had to deal with so-called fans not getting where he is coming from. He feels comfortable now to open up to UBO MAG about his experience with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D.)

Slyide wants his fans to know the struggles he has gone through with A.S.D. his entire life because it is what has made him so strong and pursuant in his goal to become a substantial emcee and dancer. It has also caused so-called fans to bully his triumphs and belittle his passions on social media.

Image Provided by Slyide

Self-taught Hip-Hop dancer, Slyide learned how to dance like Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown and Boy Bands such as NSync and The Backstreet Boys by watching their music videos.

“I have danced at competitions [and] was a dancer for international record spinner, DJ Jahmar who is Safaree Samuel’s tour DJ.” Says Slyide who also danced for Dj Lexx of City Boyz West from Tucson Arizona at the end of ’17 and through ’18.

What not many people know is that Slyide grew up with a father who was a musician and singer-songwriter, even though they didn’t have a close bond and his grandfather was a well-known country singer where he lived. Music is in Slyide’s blood and bones. It didn’t take long for his mother to take notice of his special skills and this was around the same time he was diagnosed with A.S.D.. Even though he was different than the other kids, he was already writing poetry at four-years-old and fell in love with artists like Vanilla Ice with his poppy, youthful rap skills.

By the time Slyide was a teen, he was already an avid Hip-Hop dancer, putting poetry to the music he wrote. His IQ was tested at a high score of 163; the results show how quickly he grasps directions and subjects he is interested in. As he became an adult, he also learned to produce his own music in ’16 and promote it.

“I learned to produce just recently and taught myself everything. I’ve been promoting music on and off since ‘16 for NC promoter and artists Dot Jones and King Jones.

Much of Slyide’s influence in music comes from Eminem whose music helped him to get through emotional times. Snoop Dogg is someone Slyide deems as someone who would be dope to hang out with given his chill demeanor. He also enjoys listening to Logic, whose music is relatable to Slyide. He especially feels that Slyide is speaking his own language on the track, “Nikki.”

“I felt that way before about a female. I felt like a puppet.” Slyide explains who seemingly puts his entire heart not into just his art but into his relationships with others.

Slyide’s efforts to get the attention of more prominent music labels and A&R’s has gone by the wayside. This all started with conversation Slyide had with Bizarre through email from the defunct rap group, D12 of which Eminem was a part of. After the two had been emailing back and forth for some time, Slyide asked Bizarre to slide a track Eminem’s way. Bizarre told him that he could submit the work with a $5000 finder’s fee. Slyide decided to stay independent after this occurred, finally understanding how corrupt the music industry can be on the level of the big music labels.

Besides releasing new music in ‘20, Slyide plans on spreading the word about A.S.D. and wants to give back through his music to groups like Autism Speaks. He is currently looking for sponsors to help provide the funding he needs to get his music to market. Slyide has this statement to say to those who struggle with the same common issues he does:

“Don’t let the world’s labels change you.”

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