Asia Jones is The Queen Of Hearts

February 29, '20 marked the date for the Queen of Hearts fashion event in South Tacoma, Washington featuring Asia Jones; model, actress and now making her own hip-hop music.

By Jhantu Randall
Staff Writer

She was one of the first people I had the chance to interview and it makes me proud as a journalist to have the chance to revisit Asia Jones who is a model, actress and recently produced a musical track, to see what she has been up to since last I chatted with her. Being it Leap Year, I could feel that something special was about to happen although the words eluded me at the moment.

It was February 29, ‘20 and the night was overcast but unseasonably warm. Driving down 56th St. in South Tacoma, Washington kept bringing back glimpses of memories

Asia Rapping 2
Asia Jones featured singing. Photos By Jerry Hoo.

where so many performers garnered a buzz in venues that now laid dark and lifeless due to the recent pandemic COVID-19 that has left 2020 business resolutions in the gutter for many.

On this evening, one of the few destinations that were still functioning before the entire shut down was the “Queen of Hearts” show being put together by Jewels Simos. The show, including B. Cole, were going to be sharing their new spring line and, more importantly, the growth they had garnered over the past year.

At this show, Asia Jones would be the star model of whom UBO MAG interviewed back in 2019 when she was just beginning her journey. As was I, beginning my journey as a journalist with UBO MAG; the two of us had this in common so to come back to this scenario felt incredibly satisfying.

Since our previous encounter interviewing Jones, the budding model and star has found herself in an independent movie, “Sidero Records” as well as a national commercial for Bartell’s Drugs. On top of furthering her modeling career, Jones has also begun a new music career, where she spits like a veteran who has been sharing her soul on stage for years. This woman gives it her all in every venture she dedicates herself to and, in turn, inspires all those around her to push harder on their given paths.

After modeling on stage and walking down a row in the venue that was sporadically lit up with the flash of camera bulbs from all angles, it was easy to see the confidence that Jones had gained in such a short time. It was here that she was first billed as a performing act. Grabbing the mic she hit the stage and made it known that she had something to say. With the conviction her voice carried, offering an introduction that will surely resonate with those in attendance. As the show was winding down, I was able to get some one-on-one time with Ms. Jones to conduct a brief interview.


UBO Interview Conversation between Jhantu Randall AKA JT Tha Poet & Asia Jones

Jhantu Randall AKA JT: Say hi to the people.

ASIA JONES: Hey y’all,. Hey!

JT: The last time I interviewed you had to be a year or over a year right?

AJ: Last time you interviewed me was March first of 2019 so exactly a year tonight.
Whoa that’s crazy!

JT: Wow, see synergy!

AJ: Universal Alignment. Yes.

JT: What have you been doing for the last year? Because I remember you saying you wanted to turn this into more modeling contracts and eventually acting. So how’s it been going?

AJ: You know I have done acting but honestly…this will be a word of encouragement rather than me exposing myself  but I never did the portfolio or the contracts. I’m still working on that. The website is half finished but I haven’t really been focusing on that. I’ve been concentrating on other things but this year I’m definitely gonna be focusing on building myself professionally.

JT: So word has it you’ve gotten yourself into music. Yeah, we’re putting that in there.

AJ: Yeah, definitely started getting into music, I’ve been doing it for about four months. I have a couple songs that are complete and a few freestyles but I definitely am trying to get myself on [those] charts this year.

JT: Where can they hear some of your music?

AJ: Well, on my Facebook page is where I post most of my live freestyles, I have one complete song on Soundcloud but you’ll have to look for it under James Avery. It’s one of our collab’s. It’s called “Juice Juice” but I’m still working on building my Soundcloud though.

JT: I personally am a fan, especially of your delivery. It’s a throwback in my mind.

AJ: Thank you.

JT: So how did that come about? Was it something you were always into?

AJ: You know honestly, I always grew up around music. My mom had a dance team when I was young and I was on that for five years. My dad was a DJ, he did a beat for Sir Mix-A-Lot. He taught me how to DJ when I was a teenager. Someone just hit me up in 2019 around September and asked me if I did music. I hadn’t done a song but it was something I wanted to jump into but I never jumped into it, so what pushed me was doing that song “Juice Juice” with James Avery.

JT: Where do you draw your inspiration from when you write your lyrics?

AJ: Man, when I write my lyrics, I be listening to a lot of old school music; mainly stuff from the ‘90s era ‘cause I like their flow and they talked about real stuff. I like to talk about real things but with an urban perspective. I mix it with the sound of today because you want the kids to connect to it.

JT: Yeah but you want that intellect with it; you want them to rise without resorting to the mumble…

AJ: Right! If you listen to my bars you can catch it but its honestly about interpretation. I try to be intellectual but you really have to listen for it.

JT: So you’ve done the acting, the music and the modeling. How do you go about getting your modeling campaigns together?

AJ: When it comes to the modeling; because I advertise so much on Instagram, photographers just sort of reach out to me. So I’ve learned that if you start producing good content, photographers will tend to reach out to you…or you post in all these Facebook groups.

JT: In this business have you ever come across photographers who use the opportunity to poach for ulterior motives or as a front for coercion?

AJ: I’ve had a few instances. I had one who put me on blast after I did a topless shoot, he tried to degrade me.

JT: I saw that shoot; it was very well done

AJ: Right. That was one of my favorite ones [and] regardless of your feelings I’m grown and I can do whatever I want to add to my overall vision.

JT: What do you want to see happen in 2020?

AJ: 2020, I’m definitely gonna be doing more music and more modeling. I’m doing it more professionally now.

JT: So now you hear it, Asia Jones is on the come up! She wasn’t bullshitting last time.

AJ: I’m so mad we couldn’t cuss ‘cause I was saying in my song, I’m on the come up! 2020 I’m coming for everyone’s head!


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