Sacramento’s own Haley Jane to Show it All at Scope New York 2020: Galleries, Performances, Art Exhibits

“Dreamworld clothing is art for the artist. You are your best creation. Take your time to create a masterpiece.”

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Haley Borchers, born in Walnut Creek, CA also known as Haley Jane in Sacramento, CA where she has lived most of her life and has made her mark as an artist for quite a long time. Haley Jane has done it all from making music, sculptures, colorful pop-art paintings to her own apparel line. Haley Jane wants to share what she is working on now; an artistic and urban-influenced apparel line called Dreamworld Clothing.

haley pic 1
Image taken by @J-Intel & Provided By Haley Jane

Dreamworld clothing is art for the artist. You are your best creation. Take your time to create a masterpiece.” This is the slogan posted on Dreamworld’s website which is everything that Haley Jane stands behind as an artist.

Haley Jane has always had a passion for music, art and culture. When she was an adolescent, Haley Jane was obsessed with fashion and began designing her own clothes when she was only 19-years-old. Her first clients were rappers and singers in Sacramento and this expanded very quickly. Haley Jane was hand-painting t-shirts, hoodies and hats as early as ’06, when UBO MAG’s Founder, Aaris A. Schroeder was first introduced to her. Haley Jane was also designing her own clothing; stitching, cutting and tying off women’s clothing into her own designs, using upcycled clothing of her own like jeans and t-shirts.

Haley Jane is very diversified in her art. She not only paints and makes her own curated clothing but is involved with ceramics, acrylic, mixed-media, apparel, vinyl art and many other modes of artistic creation. She even has expressed an interest in turning her ‘pop-

art characters’ she prints on apparel into figurines. She is a “big fan of KAWS and how multifaceted he is,” Haley Jane says about the graffiti artist and designer known for his toys, paintings and prints. She would like to exhibit her characters at conventions and sell these items online and in stores.

“Lately I have been focusing on abstract [and] mixed media.” Haley Jane shares, adding, “I’ve tried pretty much every art form in the book.”

She also has a passion for making pop art for over a decade however Haley Jane has found that art lovers have an affinity for more abstract art, so her painting style has diversified and adapted to the needs of those who are in the market for urban art.

“People don’t always want faces staring at them on a wall. People love color and words and texture. I still have my pop art for sale [however] I use my pop art more for my clothing line instead.” Haley Jane explains her style of painting and creative apparel that she produces.

Haley Jane had the chance to study abroad right out of high school in Paris, France where she learned about the greats such as Leonardo Devinchi, Picasso and more of the greats. Once she returned, she was ready to claim her fame. Haley Jane began creating hand-painted clothing for well-known musical talents such as Erykah Badu, E40, Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan) and Keak The Sneak back in the day. This is what helped to propel her career as an artist in Sacramento and nationally. Haley Jane used her networking skills to get her apparel in rapper’s and singer’s hands. Some performers she personally knew herself or through friends and others, she would meet at events, “gifting them with clothing” Haley Jane explains.

“It’s all a way to get your name out there as an artist.” Haley Jane chimes in who ‘sponsors’ several well-known artists like Ludacris and others. She does plan to sponsor others, “As I grow. But for now, if people want to rep. my brand, it’s much appreciated.”

lil fiz
Lil Fiz Featured wearing Dreamworld Clothing. Images Provided By Haley Jane

Separating the types of apparel, Haley Jane came up with two different clothing lines. First off is Haley Jane’s art which came first and showcases some of her original art, prints and t-shirts. She began screen printing in ’19 which then led her into her own clothing line. Haley Jane started her artistic urban apparel line, Dreamworld Clothing in ’19; that seems to be making big moves, has had the chance to adorn Ludacris for the E.A. Sports Music Superbowl Fest event.

“After making t-shirts for an art show in Atlanta for the Super Bowl, I was doing a few art shows [out there] and I gave [one of my t-shirts to my stylist friend, Renaldo and he put it on Ludacris! After that, I decided to create a clothing line.” Haley Jane tells UBO MAG.

According to Haley Jane, many people were checking out her duds and this allowed her to have the opportunity to expand Dreamworld Clothing into an apparel corporation.

Ludacris Featured Wearing DreamWorld Clothing. Images Provided By Haley Jane

She is already selling her designs in several boutiques across the nation and is available online at Even Jazzy Pha, Gunna and Lil Fizz from B2K was seen on the red carpet in Dreamworld pieces. Dreamworld Clothing was seen recently on the Bravo series, “Married to Medicine” when she fitted actor Toya Bushharis. Haley Jane is fitting not only celebrities but athletes as well, and she is just getting started.

This year, things are picking up much more for Haley Jane as she has been showing her art and selling apparel all over the nation. A show that Haley Jane was a part of and that she is very proud of, is called Scope New York 2020 which celebrates its 20th year in the industry as an art event. Haley Jane picked up the gig, following her return from showed her art at the Scope Art Basel Show in Miami Beach, FL.

Haley Jane considers herself lucky because Scope usually only accepts artists who are currently showing their art in a gallery. Haley Jane remained on point and tenacious her quest to get into Scope.  Her efforts paid off and Scope fell in love with one of her art pieces which allowed her the chance to show at the Miami Beach event and then she immediately packed up and headed to the New York Scope event.

This year, Scope New York 2020 is offered the Platinum First View for VIP and a Press Preview on March 5 and the regular event runs March 6-8, according to Scope’s official press release. The subject for the convention is “The New Contemporary” and will share 60 international galleries, a schedule for events, performances and special projects to be featured.

“Thank you, so much to everyone that came to my art show at Art Scope NYC. I had an amazing time meeting everyone and showcasing my new work.” Haley Jane reaches out to those who supported her ventures and art business during the Scope Event.

She currently has plans to show at the infamous Magic Clothing Convention although because of Covid-19, there are some concerns. Magic still plans to operate during the August 17-19, 2020 date at the Las Vegas Convention Center although they have released a statement concerning health and safety.

“At this time of global uncertainty, the health, well-being and safety of all of our visitors is our top priority.  Please know that we are continually monitoring developments and closely following public health official guidance. Our events bring our community

haley headshot
Photo Provided By Haley Jane.

together and help us facilitate meaningful relationships, which are more important than ever. We are moving forward with MAGIC August at this time in anticipation that business will be conducted without disruption.”

Haley Jane who works as her own curator and art dealer throughout Sacramento and surrounding regions, including Los Angeles. One event that stood out to Haley Jane is the ‘19 Super Bowl Awards Brunch which was hosted by Champions for Philanthropy featuring Rob Vaka, Darius Phion, Josh Norman, Takeo Spikes and celebrity jeweler Peter Marco.  She also showcased her art in Atlanta, GA for different super bowl events in ’19.

These events are what enticed Haley Jane to start Dreamworld Clothing.  So many people began asking about Dreamworld Clothing that she created a separate entity for the line from Haley Jane’s Art. Haley Jane plans on keeping up with the jonezes by making more original prints and getting them on the bodies of celebrities and in different boutiques. Dreamworld is already in boutiques located in Memphis, TN, Arkansas, Illinois, Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA.

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Haley is currently looking for more ventures in convention-style art shows, specialty galleries and boutiques as well as opportunities to work with celebrities in sports and entertainment. She is on a roll and we are excited to share this talented and growing artist with you all!

thumbnail_Art show Flyer Scope-2020-email-image
Flyer Image Provided By Haley Jane

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