“Up” Music Video By RonDavoux Founder & Artist DLabrie Recorded in Japan at Height of CoronaVirus Outbreak

RonDavoux Records DLabrie recently made his journey to Asia to perform as he frequently does. This year was a different experience as he found himself not only recording his, "UP" video in Japan but was incarcerated during the time that CoronaVirus was beginning to emerge.
By Aaris A. Schroeder
Oakland, CA Hip-Hop artist and founder of RonDavoux Records DLabrie recently made his journey to Asia to perform as he frequently does. This year was a different experience as he found himself finishing up a music video for his track entitled “UP” which was filmed in ’18 and produced by Sean Blak of BAR WAX (Battle Wax, San Jose, CA) in Tokyo, Japan with OneTwenty of the popular film production company Lokyo Multimedia and co-edited with RonDavoux in Japan.

“Up” was filmed the previous year of DLabrie’s late ’19 annual tour. “Up” was released in December ’19 right before the pandemic CoronaVirus began in China while they were filming other videos. “Be Myself;” which is the sequel to “Up” was also filmed. Both tracks tell the story about DLabrie’s experience traveling and touring throughout Asia. DLabrie had the chance to tour and perform in Seoul, Sokcho and Pyeongtek all cities in Korea as well as Tokyo, Japan. DLabrie explains that Seoul and Tokyo are small cities within large cities, similar to New York and New York City.
“Up” By DLabrie


“There was no talk of the virus at all until after [the] Japanese leg of the tour when I got back to [South] Korea. That is when the Wuhan, [China] deaths were [being] announced” shares DLabrie who explains that it got worse during Chinese New Year

Along his journey,  DLabrie was incarcerated for a short time due to a misunderstanding with police over a supposed fight that broke out. CoronaVirus was beginning to emerge as well during this time.  DLabrie was released however he is still fighting his case, as absurd as it is. He was able to return to the states mid-February just as the outbreaks became a pandemic in parts of Asia and beginning in the United States of America.

“I came back to a totally different U.S.” Dlabrie sentiments.

DLabrie is looking for radio play, press and the ability to perform at events, parties and be added to playlists with his new track, “UP.” DLabrie is finishing up the “Be Myself” short movie that was filmed in South Korea by Sam “SamIAm” Franklyn and produced by Lexzyne Productions in Oakland, CA. The film is based on the true story that follows DLabrie’s tour experience. The short film will be viewable on Youtube spring 2020. DLabrie also plans to release his highly anticipated sequel to his classic album, “Mr. NETW3RK Part 1.”


“Be Myself” By DLabrie *Docu-Video coming soon!

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