It Is Time For True Change

It Is Time For True Change UBO MAG paired up with partners Hip-Hop Congress to share how people in the indie music industry are feeling about much of the protests concerning police brutality that happened between June and July.

COVID-19 came back in-season as we saw many citizens take laws that were some-what relaxed not so seriously; even though many peaceful protestors were wearing masks; now the streets are empty again. This is our time to reflect and discuss what has been happening in our country; in our communities and we hope here at UBO MAG and within the non-profit of Hip-Hop Congress that you can take something from the next few stories we post and hopefully we can start making some real changes when it comes to true equality, love of our fellow human beings and deep empathy that can only come from a place of care, compassion and love. 

By Jamall Anthony
Staff Writer

Currently, Los Angeles is in a state of unrest. We as a culture and a people have felt extremely helpless while continuing to watch our brothers and sisters die at the hands of police and justice continues to not be served.

There are peaceful protests literally every day all over the county that I am in support of. As a musician, my voice is heard through music and I have been working nonstop to address these issues the best way I know how to; through song and action. Covid-19 hasn’t helped and has been a distraction during these protests since I personally have a weakened immune system. I have had to be careful about being in crowds and continue social distancing the best I can.

It is time for true change and I want the world to continue to rally around the good work that is happening across the nation and in my own city right now. I want future generations to be able to use this as an example of how this country listens to the people and follow this act of bravery that is being set forth right now. We are literally making history and I truly believe in the change that is to come. True change has to start somewhere and it can happen in our lifetimes. The time is now! To my fellow good-hearted people out there who want to see equality and the world as a completely better place, I thank you and keep fighting the good fight!

Jamall Anthony lives in Los Angeles County and has been a part of the entertainment industry, including the music industry for a while now. We are excited to say that he will be joining UBO MAG as a new Staff Writer and are excited about his first piece with us!! Check Anthony out at Instagram to learn more about his music and writing!

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