A World In Calamity

A World In Calamity Poetry By Jhantu Randall Staff Writer & Fellow Poet Hailing From: Tacoma, WA

Poetry By Jhantu Randall
Staff Writer & Fellow Poet
Hailing From: Tacoma, WA

Seeing world events is crazy;
I wish for something I may never see.

I wish the continent of Africa, Palestine and Kashmir were truly free —
I’m angered by things designed to be deceitful.

I wish the borders were illegal,
Instead of the people.

Lend a hand instead of justifying hatred;
Clinging to your bible or any one of its religious sequels.

The people killed in all those regions when shown;
I see me. I live at times with the dichotomy

Of a twisted mentality.
I was lucky —

But too many times,
I see my accomplishments as nothing more than taking up space

For someone else who would’ve truly embraced
…And used the opportunity.

Right now this thought process is lunacy;
In reality

But if a dream becomes deferred,
What have I brought to battle?

A world in calamity…

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