Poetry By Testy Paschal Gozie: The Untold Feelings

Please take the time to read Nigerian Poet, Testy Paschal Gozie in his deep, word-stricken emotional poem, "The Untold Feelings."

Peace Be Still
By Testy Paschal Gozie

I threw my heart but I watch as it rolls
On the ground
And I felt the sound.
Maybe the timing was so wrong
Or maybe not good enough.

Everything I am avoiding happening before my very eyes.
But nothing can hurt my eyes
That has no more tears to shed.
You can not kill something
That is already dead.

I see it with the pictures painted–
And writings were written on the wall.
The fire burning bright,
It’s like I’m climbing just to fall.

Is it an illusion or is it all in my head
I don’t know; I’m misunderstood —
And it doesn’t matter what I said.
I know how everything makes me feel
but an inner voice inside of me says, “Peace be still…”

About The Poet:
Paschal Chigozie Ibegbulem is better known as Testy, a talented and diverse Nigerian poet, songwriter and singer.

Testy started writing poetry in his early teenage years, establishing words and rhyming them together. He developed an interest in music when Testy discovered his ability to compose his poems into song. He then started combining poetry into songwriting by composing music and singing over it and performing his poetry-to-music on stage.

Testy’s unique style showcases his poetry and songwriting versatility with rich storytelling, romantic melodies and authentic lyricism which is embodied in all his poems and songs. Testy has been described by some of his audience as one of the best emerging poets and songwriters in Nigeria.



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