Yumz Awkword Thinks Your Mama is ‘Superhot”

New artist Yumz Awkword releases "Superhot" | Prod by ebar | Mixed by Sbvce and Video Directed, Edited and Styled by Baegod #Bedroomtrap #superhot #Superhotvideogame #aimusicvideo

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Just when it started to get cold and freeze over in Sacramento, CA, Yumz Awkword premiered his music videoSuperhoton Dec 5; a song about what’s #superhot and all the superhot things in Sac-town yet influenced heavily by his hometown, Hickory, North Carolina.

The video is directed and styled by Baegod (of Sac-based BedroomTrap indie record label) who mixes glowy punctual notes to the Hip Hop dancer’s bodies when they are jammin’ out together in sequence.

Yumz Awkword “Superhot” | Prod by ebar | Mixed by Sbvce and Video Directed, Edited and Styled by Baegod #Bedroomtrap
#superhot #Superhotvideogame #aimusicvideo

Baegod uses that #aimusicvideo technology which makes this video reminiscent of the video game SuperHot VR. The dancers come tailored up in some classic red sweatsuits with hoodies with AI masks on pause when Yumz is rappin’, keeping the eyes on his bars and non-verbal communication tips. The two front dancers, Charli (bottom left) and Jace (bottom right), throw down some heat in their dance moves that element the feel of “Superhot,” using their entire bodies to get the vibe right. The best part of the video is the glass-breaking sound that sounds like a notation into the next chapter of the song. The best part of the video is when the girls dance in red over the city in black-and-white and Yumz is on fire! #superhotvideogame

Yumz goes hard with his rhythmed bars and that organ in the back, produced by ebar and mixed by sbvce (Bedroom Trap). This song has the power to stay resilient using some Golden-Era Hip Hop production techniques with a chopped and screwed, “superhot” over the whole thing.


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