All Aboard: A Bronx Hip Hop Tale

First, we are taking a stop at The Hip Hop Museum. Now picture walking through the double doors and magically living the Hip Hop Experience from the birth to the Golden Era. Visitors to The Hip Hop Museum will see graffiti-tagged subway trains while at the same time, feeling like they are actually on that train.

By J-Crush
Staff Writer

Last year we were all given a gift none of us wanted. That’s right, a virus, a ‘plan-demic,’ a needle, a mask and many people who have lost their God-given minds. If that wasn’t crazy enough, it really slowed a lot of things down and in some cases stopped them all together. This new norm that isn’t normal in this new world that isn’t the world we know also killed our fun.

Despite this circus that has affected all of us, I was able to have a wonderful and fun-filled journey at the birthplace of the best culture in all of human existence, the Boogie Down Bronx aka Pelon [a term used to describe The Bronx]. Alright, people, come aboard the Hip Hop shuttle and buckle up for safety; sit tight as your Boy J-Crush takes you on a dope journey. All aboard!

The jump-off for this Hip Hop Bronx occurred between the Spring of 2021 and Fall 2022. First, we are taking a stop at The Hip Hop Museum. Now picture the double doors opening and magically living the Hip Hop experience starting with the birth of Hip Hop to the Golden Era. Visitors to The Hip Hop Museum will see graffiti-tagged subway trains while at the same time, feeling like they are actually on that train. The museum holds tons of classic Hip Hop memorabilia such as photos, flyers, clothes and props from historical landmarks in Hip Hop and on top of it all getting to hear music sets from some of Hip Hop’s nicest DJs like Cutman LG (Positive K), DJ Hotday (PHD) from Queens Bridge and DJ Wiz (Kid N Play). We can’t forget the Zulu Nation was in the House with the infamous Pop Master Fabel (Magnificent Force/Rock Steady Crew).

While experiencing this to share with UBO MAG, I was simultaneously able to cover this journey with my Street Funk TV Crew where we had the chance to cover the event they had going on that day. Shout out to my Ahki Muhammad Islam from Zulu Warriors Entertainment Services providing the security. (Ahki means brother in The Holy Quaran).

All aboard — The next stop is Crotona Park, another historical landmark known for the park jams they had every week where you will see some of Hip Hop’s best DJ’s get busy on the turntables while meeting and networking with Hip Hop royalty, courtesy of big sis Dawn Michelle.

Photo Credit: Contributed by J-Crush | Image Photo Credit-Left: J-Crush & Deborah CoCo of Officer Brown (Showup Films) | Photo-Right: DJ Jazzy J and Silver Fox; J-Crush Interviewing with mic.

Next, we are going to make a stop at Mill Pond Park across the street from the Universal Hip Hop Museum where The 4th Annual Family BBQ is being held, brought to you by The Aquarius Boys, The Universal Hip Hop Museum, Zulu Warriors Entertainment Services, The Art Of Rap and The Male Awareness Foundation, with music from DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell, Grand Wizard Theodore, and Cutman LG to name a few. My bro, Scottie Rock (Zulu Nation) always has the grill on deck every year with his famous jerk chicken, equipped with a super tasty secret sauce. If you ever came out to The Annual Family BBQ in The Bronx, you will know that the highlight of this event is that the whole Hip Hop family celebrates like a regular family reunion. It hits different when you get to hang out with the likes of Melle Mel (The Godfather Of Rhyme), Mikey D (from the LA Posse/Main Source), my niece in Hip Hop Miranda Writes, The Female Fatale Butta Blazay, my longtime homie Big D (UltraMagnetic) and many more legends.

Next, we stop at Boone Ave Walls — also in The Bronx for a weekend of graffiti — courtesy of my people from the Cod Crew members Wen One (The Curator), Wips One, Wane One and the rest of the crew. Imagine just a whole block of graffiti legends from many different crews and legendary DJs doing what they do best. Shout out to my Ahki’s Born One, Bom 5, also Queen Andrea.

Ok, all this Hip Hop/Boom Bap got me hungry again, ‘All Aboard!’ We’re headed back to the Universal Hip Hop Museum where UBO MAG was invited by Hassan Shareef and Jesse Peters to attend The 1st Annual Brunch next door at The Revolution Of Hip Hop. While entering attendees can hear DJ Double J spinning records as guests sat at a table to enjoy some good food and sip on some mimosas. Also in the building were Pop Master Fabel and Cutman LG – always an honor to see these guys.

Alright, Hip Hop Fans, the Hip Hop shuttle is about to leave again so ‘All Aboard!’ Last stop and our final destination, Allerton Ave in The Bronx another legendary and historical Hip Hop landmark where DJ Jazzy Jay opened up his studio back in the day and where the first Annual Hip Hop Festival was taking place on the same block.

The festival itself took place here partly because of DJ Jazzy Jay’s history with the studio. Kool DJ Red Alert, Scratch Master Jazzy G, Grand Wizzard Theodore were DJing live on stage. We had the chance to sit down with some Hip Hop greats for a quick interview such as the father of emceeing and the first emcee in the Hip Hop culture, Dj Kool Herc’s emcee and personal friend,  Coke La Rock. Without this guy, there would be no LL Cool J, KRS-One, Rakim, Jay Zor Nas. Also in the building was Divine Sounds, emcee Mikey D (LA Posse/Main Source), Showtime and two Hip Hop Queens Princess Lanita, and Deborah Coco. Like Biggie once said, ‘I never thought that Hip Hop would take it this far.’ well it felt good to witness Kool DJ Red Alert present a well-deserved award to his cousin DJ Jazzy Jay; what a legendary moment to be in the presence of. I ran into my Ahki, Bom 5 once more as he stood painting a graffiti mural for this amazing event. I’ll catch you on the next go round, it has been an honor and pleasure to share this wonderful Hip Hop filled journey with you. Peace and Godly blessings.

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