HVLEY J: Her Art & Dreamworld Clothing

Treat yourself and get some of HVLEY J's Dreamworld Clothing to start the 2023 New Year of right!

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Sacramento, CA-based artist Haley Jane also known as HVLEY J, her music name, was back at it all year long growing her visual art business. She attended several different conventions and events, including the wildly popular Scope, International Contemporary Art Show in Miami Beach, FL and at the Focus Art Fair in Paris, France. Haley Jane is known for her ceramics, paintings and multi-media pieces and has some new artwork for sale on her visual arts website, Haley’s Art.”

She also is the founder and creator for Dreamworld Clothing where her art inspires her apparel line. Each piece is handcrafted and mailed straight to you! Our favorite are all things ‘lips.’ Treat yourself and get some pieces together to start the 2023 New Year of right!


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