Ray Kincaid “The Mirror” Feat. Akeem Ali

Hip-Hop artist Ray Kincaid drops new 🔥 single "The Mirror" feat Akeem Ali.

Jackson, Mississippi native hip-hop artist Ray Kincaid drops new 🔥 single “The Mirror” featuring ladies man Akeem Ali. Which couldnt have been a more smoothest of smooth, pimpy project collabo with soulful fly hooks and a few pimp lines.

Ray dresses up the first minute of the track with some smooth groovy rhymes then slaps you wit some fast-talking flows that setup Akeem’s dope follow up. This track The Mirror, for me was reminiscent of Anderson Paak mixed with a lil Ceelo Green dressed in a purple velvet suit, if you can dig on that and i did.

Go listen to “The Mirror” below!

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Artist: @ayekincaid
Artist: @akeem__ali

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