Spelling it out Right with Art: Shane Grammer Brings it Righeous

Urban Artist Review
Shane Grammer
By Victor Ortiz
Staff Writer
Dec. 5, 2006

You could say that we all have had rough lives and have been through adversities that have shaped us but 34-year-old Shane Grammer, local artist from Sacramento, CA truly has risen as an individual from the depths of a difficult and draining childhood. Growing up with a heroin addicted father and an alcoholic step-father you’d think that the next generation would follow in those steps.

Properly named, "Props" by Shane Grammer. Photo Courtesy of www.shanegrammer.com
Properly named, "Props" by Shane Grammer. Photo Courtesy of http://www.shanegrammer.com


Not so for Grammer, he’s one of the deepest individuals you will ever meet, kind and warm with his words and outstanding with his work. With his laid back demeanor and ruff-around-the-edges look, he has turned the Sacramento art scene upwards and in a positive light. As a young kid, Grammer first got into art at a friend’s house when he saw something on TV, graffiti art, since that day his mind was fixed on making art in a way that would be recognized by all people and he fell in love with art.

As a graduate of Butte College in Chico, CA, Grammer hooked up with Gospel Graffiti [http://www.gospelgraffiti.com], a worldwide organization of Christian artists who create some of the most unique urban art piece. Grammer’s style is way out of the box and uniquely raw.

“Life is short, keep it fresh,” says Grammer.

His artwork has a lot of spirituality about it, you can’t help but to just stare at it and recollect different memories about your life that his work reminds you of.

Grammer is happily married to his wife Missy and I’m sure she gets to reap the benefits of his hard work more than anyone else.  Down to earth people make art for the masses and that’s what Grammer does. On the night of  the release of Grammer’s art at The Artisan Gallery in Sacramento, there are sounds of other conscious artists such as hip-hop emcee Mr. P-Chill and his live funk band and DJ, Trunk of Funk fill the air and comedians make us laugh our bladders away and warm coffee touches our lips. Shane’s sculptures and cast work reach out of the walls and grab each individual as they walk by them. So captivating and soulful, each person must have the valuable chance to view this artwork for what it is.

Sacramento native Clinton Watson bought a large piece of Shane’s work this night.

“I’ll make room for it,” Watson replies.

This is the most fun I’ve had at an art gallery in a while and it was because I felt at ease looking at all of his work. Shane Grammer is blessing us with artwork from the soul to show his deep spirituality and relationship with God.  This art work truly shows that the big guy upstairs can create and he’s giving us “hope,” as he inspires Grammer through urban art.

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