They Come in Tribes of Levi; Sacramento, CA

Sacramento-based hip-hop trio, Tribe of Levi runs with a live band now-a-days, check them out at venues such as Blue Lamp, Capital Garage and more.

Tribe of Levi back in the day at Stoney Inn
Tribe of Levi back in the day at Stoney Inn

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Tribe of Levi

By Victor Ortiz

Staff Writer


Three dreadlocked hip-hop heads; who go by the names of Ens A.K.A. Mic Jordan, Poor and Slave are part of the musical collective, “Tribe of Levi,” a collaboration of pure hip-hop, life music, hardcore freestyles and real raw power and stage presence, all offered at the Stoney Inn in Sacramento, CA.


Their positive message really hits the crowd like a fallen anvil of sound.


In another world, Bob Marley as a rapper would have sounded similar to Tribe of Levi, pulling conscious lyrics and distinctive beats, all of which were alive and well the night of their live performance.


“The only way for me to be is the Godly way/The only way for me to be is the right way/ This life we choose it,” Tribe of Levi verbally strikes the audience with to-the-heart, deep lyrics.


Using music as a utility to speak, Tribe of Levi gets into fans and would-be fans heads to open their eyes and visualize what life is really all about.


If the stage wasn’t elevated a couple of feet, fans may not be able to see them because the crowd gets hyperactive and as intense as a mosh pit.


“The world is just styles and statements,” says Mic Jordan who stands out as the leader of this group.


Do not ask Mic Jordan who the leader of the group is because his answer will be that they are a three-headed monster and so would the other two members, in unison.


 “War would not be used with ammunition but with paintballs,” says Tribe of Levi.


Simply said, Tribe of Levi is the anarchy of reality and every listener will blossom by hearing their sound.  Bringing back the real essence of an emcee and tools for enlightenment is their function.  This is a great group that is conscious, positive and all about enlightening our people and youth today.


Tribe of Levi plays live shows all over Northern CA; check out more information at

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