Artist Biography: AWKWORD; Emcee, Artist and Photographer

AWKWORD is currently working on his "World View" Festival. You can learn more by visiting UBO News!

Angry Jew Fights Back With Art and Verb Play
awkword Bio

awkword [the mc]

the fallen angel,
the bleeding heart,
the impossible question,
the brutal truth,
the beautiful answer.

awkword lives and fights hip-hop. Growing up an angry Jew in a W.A.S.P. nest, he found solace in the written word, then the recorded song, then the live show. He went from fighting with fists to forging new frameworks and with a street protest background; his message is finally being heard.

"Kuma Juice" by AWKWORD.  -- Photo Courtesy of AWKWORD
"Kuma Juice" by AWKWORD. -- Photo Courtesy of AWKWORD

Catch awkword free-styling on the streets of Brooklyn; rocking a “nazi punks fuck off” t-shirt to Fat Beats or blessing a screaming; triple-digit crowd in Danbury, CT.

awkword entered the world of hip-hop as a graffiti artist and now utilizes that same raw energy, rebelliousness and vigor in his recorded and live music. With the pen power of E.E. Cummings and the persuasiveness of a politician, he raps love and hate, drugs and alcohol, politics and pretty ladies.

"Pigeons" By AWKWORD.  Photo Courtesy of AWKWORD
"Pigeons" By AWKWORD. Photo Courtesy of AWKWORD

awkword is the good and the bad of hip-hop, rethought and reworked, blended and encapsulated in one man, one mic with metaphors and stories, screaming Satan or singing celestial.

When he spits, the world is speaking.


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