Stimulate Your Life: Rebecca Knoblauch on Photography

By Aaris A. Schroeder
August 9, 2011

In the oversaturated business of photography, one person, Rebecca Knoblauch has been able to get through to the other side and she is not stopping there.

Knoblauch is best known for her involvement as a photographer in the regional hip-hop community however her passion in photography started at a young age capturing stories through images.

“I never wanted to be on the other side of the lens [as an adolescent],” says Knoblauch who is more of a watcher than someone who is looking for attention.

Early images that she has captured are of serine natural beauty.  Finding the beauty in something so simple is Knoblauch’s passion and mission.

It apparently all started with a disposable Polaroid camera and then evolved into a 35 mm camera.  Once Knoblauch was in junior high, it became more than a hobby.  Knoblauch caught a lot of her high school’s sports team on camera and had work published in Union Mine High School’s year book.  Knoblauch graduated in ’03.

Briefly attending Sonoma State during ’03-‘04, Knoblauch spent her free time shooting random photographs with her roommate who was also a photographer. After her educational experience, she moved to Elk Grove and worked for a private photography company who took pictures for schools.

In ’05, Knoblauch jumped into the music scene.  She listened to a lot of different kinds of music but definitely had an ear for hip-hop.  She started shooting Second Saturdays in Sacramento and attending different music events to network and shoot.

In ’07, Knoblauch joined Ultra Mega Collective with DJ 7evin, Rodg from Feva In Da Funk House, Aaris A. Schroeder and Cosie [who doubled as an advertising manager for a local newspaper].  The collective worked together with their skills to produce an issue of UBO Magazine.

Once the collective dissolved, Knoblauch continued to take photographs at live events and also stills for local performer’s press shots. Knoblauch was known as one of the top forerunners in the local entertainment industry along side Amanda Lopez.

Around this time, Knoblauch felt as if she wasn’t getting all that she could from the local music scene and took a step back to analyze her photography business and figure out a way to construct her passion into a fulfilling career.

Now Knoblauch shoots anyone from music to babies and models to brides and grooms.  Her business is growing and she has at least three studios that she works out of.  Her goals are to eventually open a photography gallery that doubles as a place of business to notarize documents.  Knoblauch currently lives in Sacramento and is dreaming big.

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