Bru Lei Cinco De Drinko Birthday Bash

By Aaris A. Schroeder
May 6, 2012

Columbus, Ohio bred and Sacramento, CA based Emcee Bru Lei’s first annual “Cinco De Drinko” took place May 5, 2012 at his humble abode in Downtown Sacramento.  The festivities began at around noon with a neighborhood backyard BBQ.  Everyone brought the goods, burgers, veggies & lots of sides to compliment an open grill. As the sun began to beat and then set, DJs ESEF, Jay Two, Vic Rokit and Funk Advisor spun records. A nice blend between classic hip-hop and DUB Step was the main sounds for the evening.  When Beastie Boyz, “Girls” came on, everyone chimed in together rapping their favorite lines.

That was not all; Bru Lei rocked his own party with his rough and smooth emcee skills along with special guests, CooLzey who came fresh from the cornfields Iowa and Raashan Ahmad of infamous Crown City Rockers from Oakland, CA. The party moved from the backyard into the upper level of the house where you could see all the folks getting down on the dance floor.

All the homies were in affect at the spot, Auburn Hip-Hop Congress Natalie Pohley, Rocky Zapata and others came through along with local emcee Mic Jordan (Tribe of Levi), Nina Ross (MissChief), Elizabeth Cavazos of BigTyme Entertainment, Kris Gupton of Shiny Nickel Art Gallery and many more.  With endless alcohol, food and smiles all around, this is a birthday party to remember for Bru Lei.

Along with food, friends and “endless drinks” according to the Facebook Event Page for the house party, art by Shaun Turner AKA Burner, Bru Lei and Dro were displayed and for sale.

This party is reminiscent of an old school backyard boogie and you could hear hip-hop in Downtown Sacramento all over the city!

*Images by Kendal Aviva Tobe of Kendaru Photography

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