Coming into Hip-Hop: The Rebirth

By Aaris A. Schroeder
November 30, 2011

Hip-Hop has gone all directions and people in their lives dedicate a portion to it. This is why it is so beautiful not forget the culture. Remember when you were helping a friend with fliers or paying a steep price at a show to see your buddy rap? Do you remember dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur and sharing your love for life and hip-hop with all? What happened to the innocence? If we loose it then the youth will find their answers in our solutions. Instead we loose faith in our people and the causes we fought so hard for. We find ways to forget by burying ourselves in other objectives and projects. We loose our way from hip-hop all the while using it to gain respect, notoriety and security. Not even in the name of hip-hop but in the name of something different.

When we loose our way, we choose to live our life with balance and all of the ups and downs that come with it. When we are high we are at our most supremeness. We invite opportune individuals who are in their unique environments for the cause. When we are at our lowest, we use what we know instead of gifting it and blessing it. Humbleness is archaic so we feel as if we are elders yet assume hypocrisy.

When we have hit the grit and the dirt feels like heaven, we look back up towards hip-hop and all it has given. We loose control and allow our senses to communicate our beliefs within our realms. All of the people around us are in different spaces therefore we can not have one realm of thought… but many. When we find this, we are not humbled but realistic.

Finally we bring back to the youth and the culture with a mix tape or an event or festival. We open ourselves free allowing the stank of aeresol to form on dark, grimy walls and cheap ink, etched into flat, scotch cotton. Our minds open and words flow as free as they did when we were just babies in hip-hop and this is when we allow others to really see the majestic nature of what hip-hop has opened for us.

Our lives open and everyone seeks us. We feel on top of the world for the wisdom we speak because it is knowledge in the streets and in the hearts of ourselves. Finally we have come to be. We are hip-hop.

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