“All Seriousness Aside;” Best Album Release For Mr. P Chill

By Aaris A. Schroeder
November 5, 2011

Mr. P Chill
All Seriousness Aside
Released 2011

Sacramento Emcee that has been releasing hip-hop albums worth talkin’ about on a positive tip since 2003.  With his innovative web presence and west coast tour networking abilities, Mr. P Chill has now released what he wants to call his, “best album ever.” 

Within just a few short months and since recently becoming married to his wife Heather AKA Mrs. P Chill, this emcee has written, recorded and released a true local gem.  “All Seriousness Aside” is nostalgia and love of hip-hop and the veteran status that comes with it all mixed into a fresh, fun album.  Mr. P Chill has music dedicated to finding work, the love of his life, calling out emcees and feelin’ himself on some “freshness” but definitely not ghost-ridin’-the-whip! 

Plus Mr. P Chill has some great emcees and DJs on this album, including Crazy Ballhead [local veteran status hip-hop performer and three-time Sacramento Music Awards [SAMMIES] winner. Sacramento News and Review throws an awards ceremony every year and not only Crazy Ballhead but Mr. P Chill has also received nominations and awards.  Also featured on this album is poet and spoken word performer, SupaNova.  Emcees Oso and Negro also make appearances.  Not to mention Los Angeles based Emcee, DJ and Musician, Lumis.  There has also been word that Lumis may be producing more work with Mr. P Chill and other Sacramento musicians and emcees.  Mr. P Chill’s featured DJ on, “All Serious Aside” is Mike Colossal, a local DJ who is becoming a favorite in the hip-hop community and more of a staple at Sol Collective.

Mr. P Chill has live performances on a monthly basis throughout the Sacramento area and also tours the West Coast at least a couple times a year.

“All Seriousness Aside” is dedicated to Kirk Parker AKA The Screen Master, a poet and philosophist and close friend to Mr. P Chill and to Daniel Blak, an emcee that Mr. P Chill had the opportunity to make music and tour with.  Both of these people passed away in 2011.

More information about Mr. P Chill events, album releases, how to get one of his hand-made stickers or printed t-shirts, go to www.mrpchillmusic.com.  Mr. P Chill is also networked at www.Facebook.com/mrpchill and Twitter.com/mrpchill916.

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