Hip-Hop and Marcus Garvey

The Marcus Garvey Building Benefit

By Aaris A. Schroeder
Photos By D. Pierre Butler

A Northern-CA affair brought Sacramento and East Bay Area hip-hop artists together under two roofs in Oakland, CA. The Marcus Garvey Building AKA Liberty Hall has been threatened by the bank to be pulled from the finger tips of the people. OMY and UBO decided to get the word out by throwing a benefit-bash.  First stop, The New Parish with The DJ Project artists and Sacramento-based hip-hop trio, Tribe of Levi. D Labrie came on last.  There were more than ten vendors in the building and the love was boiling.  The New Parish had the feel of a modern music lounge-venue.

Next stop, Air Ultra Lounge, a DJ-friendly lounge that has a modern appeal.  DJ Korise and WreckdaVegan kept the crowd moving along with host, Shake9169.  The crowd rocked out to J Ross Parreli, DLabrie, Rahman Jamaal; all Northern-CA Hip-Hop Congress members.  There was a little scratch-attack and Mike D of Tribe of Levi came back to the mic to freestyle with J Ras.

Although neither houses packed as much heat as was expected, the love and positive energy was there and the artists brought it for their friends and fans.

Bowz newparish Old Skool Copes POOR Scarves DJ Wreckdavegan2 Korise2

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