Blee Respects his Legacy, “The Black Lion Chronicles, Chapter 1”

Album, “The Black Lion Chronicles, Chapter 1”
Released By Cross Seas Entertainment LTD

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Caribbean Island of Montserrat is where reggae, hip-hop and dance artist Blee is from.  Since then, Blee moved to Canada to start his life over after a volcano destroyed half of the Island he grew up on, including the home he was raised in.  He now resides in London creating an original take on hip-hop, dance and reggae sounds and manages his founding label, “Cross Seas Entertainment LTD.”

Blee creates softer, conscious hip-hop music with a tough political side. He covers the gamut of poverty, Black-American pride, world peace and more on “The Black Lion Chronicles, Chapter 1.” There are two other Chronicles that have been released, this is the first to be reviewed by UBO MAG.


Lyrical content similar to Dead Prez with a more contemporary rhythm, save the bass, Blee brings intellectual hip-hop to your ears.  Blee’s emcee talent has a lot of reggae influence and sometimes he even sounds reminiscent of the energy Twista possesses and the intellect Jay-Z brings.

Blee’s music has been featured on TV shows, “Lincoln Heights” and “True Blood.”  For more information about Blee, where to purchase his music or events he is performing at, check out the below links.

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