Poetry: “FAME!” Written by Ambessa the Articulate

She’s a first rate ass,
Her men no class
Lacking vertebrae,
Or the nerve to pass,
her by like a fly
to the next pile of trash,
her trade getting cash
from your balls in her grasp
Love to her’s a tool,
like the fools, she done used
hates it, she can’t make me
drool, cuz I aint amused
by the smoky mirrors,
reflecting the hearts she
done fumed,
autographing tombs
of the suckers she consume,
Met her, in fair weather then the
skies turned gray,
My spidey senses warned
of a grave mistake
I would of made, otherwise
dreamt of her all of my lives
loved her enterprise and the venom
in her eyes
She aint a game, but she’ll play like
you got the reign,
You even loved her named,
worked your life to get her:

~Ambessa the Articulate

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