Fourt33n Minutes Clothing Left Has Their Online Game Down Tight. Go #TeamFML #SnoSk8Wake #AllSacEverythang

Fourt33n Minutes Left Clothing Line

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Katako Brown, founder of Fourt33n Minutes Left clothing has a professional skateboard background dating back to when he was a kid, playing football in high school and college and since ’06 pounding the pavement and his online network to get the word out about his line.

Based in Sacramento, CA (All Sac Everythang) Katako has been able to produce colorful apparel that appeals to teens and young adults alike interested in snow, skate, wake boarding (SnoSk8Wake) and more.  Fourt33n Minutes Left is a clothing line that was created out of Katako’s original passion, skateboarding for a new generation.  According to the Fourt33n Minutes left slogan, “A Skateboarding/Streetwear company born from the phrase, ‘Fifteen Minutes of Fame.’ Rock with FML gear and be in the ‘Prime of your Shine.’”

Katako has gotten his online game down tight as he is all over Social Media from Twitter to Instagram, Facebook to Tumblr; even a YouTube account where you can see youngsters skateboarding in sponsored gear.  Street game is also tight as Fourt33n Minutes Left can be purchased locally in Zugh Life Store in Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza.

Recently besides sponsoring snow and skateboarding acts, Fourt33n Minutes Left (#TeamFML) has been adding musical acts for sponsorship.  For more information about becoming sponsored, check out Fourt33n Minutes Left official website or e-mail Katako at

Comments UBO Mag found on Twitter Recently

July 26, 2013
“Favourite new brand #fourteenminutesleft tees. Loving the prints “All Sac Every Thang” #FML #Sacramento #14minutesleft #skateboarding #Cali”

July 27, 2013
“If I only had 15 minutes of fame left I only ran thru one so far….. #moneytime!!!!!!#fourt33nminutesleft

July 26, 2013
“Loving my new @14minutesleft t-shirts that just arrived from Sacramento! Such quality material and kick ass logos! Big Love!

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