Enlightened Edamame Pasta

Enlightened Edamame Pasta
Servings: About Six

By Aaris A. Schroeder

I love garlic, chili oil and low-sodium soy sauce (or kosher salt) on my edamame, so I created this quick and easy pasta version (minus the soy sauce). This dish is low-carb (for a pasta dish), boasting 21 carbs per serving (not counting the small amount of oil used), high in fiber, protein and is gluten-free (nix the feta) not to mention a hooplah of good-for-you veggies.  I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did sharing it with you! If you are a fan of edamame, I guarantee you will be fond of this dish.

Enlightened Edamame Pasta

Organic Edamame Spaghetti (“Explore Asian Authentic Cuisine” Brand,
Certified Organic, Kosher, Vegan)
12 oz. Animal Protein (I used Amy’s Organic Chicken however Scallops or light, white fish [like Cod or Trout] Are excellent too) Feel free to make this meat free.
Organic Edamame Beans (Not Pods)
1 Medium Zucchini
4 Large Handfuls of Baby Spinach
Six Green Onions/Scallions Stalks
1/3 Medium Sized Red Onion (or Shallots)
5 Garlic Cloves
2 TBSP Ginger
Sprinklings of Himalayan Pink Salt
½ tsp Cracked Pepper (and Garnish Sprinklings)
1 tsp Oregano
4 Sage Leaves (Fresh & Finely Chopped)
3 TBSP Olive Oil
½ TBSP Chili Oil (drizzle as garnish)
½ Lemon (squeeze garnish, if you please)
1/3 oz. Feta cheese garnish per serving

Start by boiling your water for the pasta in a large pot. Next, drizzle about 3 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a wok (don’t turn on yet.)

Grab two cutting boards (one for veggies and one for animal protein, if you omit meat, then just use one cutting board.) You will need a wooden spork spoon for stirring and a nice chopping knife.

If you choose to have animal protein, saute 12 oz. of meat on medium-high in the wok along with a healthy sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt, ½ tsp cracked pepper, 1 tsp oregano and 1 tsp sage ( you can cut chicken breast meat thin but don’t cut its width or length until it is cooked, clean cutting board with hot water and soap). (*While meat is sauteing you may skip to the paragraph with an astrix and chop up veggies, then return here!)

I used chicken in this recipe however scallops would be delicious or a light, white fish like cod or trout would too. (If you choose oceanic animal protein, add veggies and fish together at once.) You can also opt out and choose not to have animal protein and keep this strictly vegetarian/vegan as well since pasta is already vegan in nature.

Once chicken is thoroughly cooked, pull it out and chop it up in small bite size pieces and keep on animal protein cutting board. If you choose to use fish, just flake it apart, gently.

*Now, chop up one medium sized zucchini, 1/3 of an onion (small), five garlic cloves (finely), 2 TBSP ginger and five green onions. Keep four handfuls of baby spinach and 2/3 pound of edamame pods on the side (separate) or in the bags they came in (easy to add in). Cut a lemon in four.

At this point, your animal protein is cooked and your veggies are prepped.  You can add a few drops of olive oil and salt along with 12 oz. of edamame pasta to boiling water (it should take about four minutes to cook through. Test it as you go, it will have a stretch to it that is not like wheat pasta but shouldn’t be tough to bite through. After four minutes or so, pull it off stove and drain it, do not rinse. Keep in sink until veggies are al dente.

Add zucchini, onion, garlic, ginger, edamame pods and animal protein together in wok where remaining olive oil is, add a few cracks of pepper, ½ TBSP chili oil and squeeze ½ lemon into wok. Now wok it together for roughly 5-8 minutes (el dente is best and edamame is already cooked). Add edamame pasta to the mix along with your four fistfuls of baby spinach and use tongs to lightly toss for about two minutes. Sprinkle in green onions, re-toss lightly and serve.

This dish will offer about six 4-6 ounce servings, feel free to add extra veggies. Crack pepper on served dish along with a drizzle of chili oil. If you like cheese, sprinkle 1/3 ounce of feta atop pasta.

This dish can be served freshly made (hot) or next day straight out of the fridge (chilled).


Let me know what you think about this recipe.

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