Your Top 10 A.K.A. #YourNameX10
A Call Out To Bloggers

By Aaris A. Schroeder
#X10 Contest Created By Kim Possible
Staff Writer/Blogger/Creative Manager

UBO MAG wants your participation. We are looking for your favorite Top-10’s. These lists need to be relevant to UBO MAG’s demographics and subject matter. If you are already familiar with our little e-zine, then it will be simple to throw together your favorite Top-10. If you are not, I have compiled my own top ten things we are all about. Use your curiosity and creativity to make your own Top-10 list.

First and foremost, there is a catch; your Top-10 comes with its own unique #hashtag that will follow you around everywhere and help people to find you and UBO MAG all at the same time. It is like magic!

This is how it works: Your Top-10 should be social-media translated to #YourX10 (the “X” is the “Top”). And “Your” is your name, nickname, initials, website name, artist name…whatever you want it to be.

Here is an example: Kim Possible’s Top-10 Favorite Photographers is shortened down to: I Choose Photography! #KPX10 (as your tag) and then you can write whatever it is you are listing afterwords. Make sense?

I Choose List Ideas! #UBOX10

  1. DJs
  2. Indie bands
  3. Bay Area Rappers
  4. Sacramento Venues
  5. Northern-Cali Apparel Lines
  6. U.S.A. Music Festivals
  7. Best Snowboarding Spots in Cali
  8. Online Stream Radio Websites
  9. Music Blogs
  10. Oakland Open-Mics


Okay, so there is #UBOX10 List Ideas. No one has written anything about these, so feel free to write your own. Also, if someone else publishes a #X10 list on Sacramento Midtown Yoga Studios, don’t feel apprehended not to publish your own. This is where it gets fun and interesting. We will be publishing five #X10 lists per week. So don’t hesitate to wait; you want #YourNameX10 to be listed before anyone else right??

Kim Possible says it best, “#YourX10 helps to reconstruct the experience in which users create, share and organize moments, thoughts and ideas.”

So have fun and take part in #UBOMAGX10 in your own way! Share your experiences, opinions and thoughts on each one of your #X10.

Our first #X10 writer, of course, is none other than the founder of the #X10 idea, Kim Possible. She will be sharing her I Choose Photography of Northern Cali! #KPX10.

To submit #YourNameX10, please e-mail We will be posting these as they come throughout the week, beginning on Monday at 1:00 AM and ending Sunday 12:00 PM. If we receive a boatload of #X10’s, they will stay on a list to be published for the next week. All we do is edit these for grammar, punctuation and format before we post them. Get yours in now. First come first serve according to e-mails received. Do not attempt to post them in the comments on UBOMAG’s Blog since we have to accept each message and these will just get thrown out. Please do not submit to any other e-mail or social-media message service.

Submit in this format:

I Choose Name of Top Ten! #YourNameX10

By Your Name
Contributing Blogger





Connect With This Blogger
Your Blog

Write in list form with a description of each item you are listing. The list is up to you for “order-of-operations.” It can be at random, in order of Most favorite or even a “worst-of” or “best-of.” You can explain your order or just list them at random and let readers do their own research.

View Kim Possible’s #KPX10 Photographers to see an example.

Happy #X10ing!!



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