The Commandment of Reggae Artist Mystique

By Aaris A. Schroeder
July, 9 2019

“Mystique Welcomes You To Reggae Album, ʻCommandment.ʻ This is Mystiqueʻs newest album, produced by Fouta Records that is available at online retailers. This album opens up the opportunity to feel blessed to have the chance to take a listen. I hope my words are well-received. The album as a whole is reminiscent of earlier reggae-roots, rock-steady and ska music, similar to artists like Pato Banton and John Holt; an equal blend of harmony of singing and blended emceeing on the tracks provides lovers of Reggae someone new to listen to.

Image Provided By Fouta Records Facebook Page. Promoting single, “New Girl In Town – California Girl.” ~ Fouta

Fouta Records is not new to the reggae music scene, they have been producing ʻconscious and uplifting music,ʻ according to their website for well over a decade. (Fouta Records, 2019). Carton Lewis, who is not only the producer of Mystique but is also a well-known reggae artist himself with known tracks such as “Oh my Dreadlocks” made the move to the United States of America where he started to collaborate with Martin Felix from Island Def Jam Universal and Fouta Records was born. They began working with artists similar to the band Natural Mystique and then expanded to Europe. Mystique still has time to put out a few music videos however due to massive radio play and touring, the label has their hands tied.

“I want to thank my fans for their continued support and the curious music lover browsing through. Fouta Records welcomes you.” Carton Lewis shares on the Fouta Records Facebook Page.

Upon listening to the new single “Jah Glory” written and performed by Mystique through Fouta Records, I have a sense, a feeling of uplifting God and admiring all he has created for us while honoring ourselves. The track, which is not on the Commandment album, is immersed in old skool roots-reggae with a touch of dub while it also showcases some ambient vibes. The song is a tribute to Bunny Rugs, one of Jamaicaʻs finest vocalists who is a part of the reggae band, Third World. One can sense that this artist is well-versed and has an extensive background in reggae music and culture in itself. On the track itself, you can hear Mystique singing “I see the glory when the day is done” and “Give thanks and pray!” There is an obvious reverent display of God and what he has given us on this earth.

By visiting Fouta Recordʻs official website, fans can get to know Mystique, where to pick up the album or select tracks as well as where he is at on the road. Tour dates are available.

Official Fouta Record Label ran by Carton Lewis & Martin Felix (Island Def Jam Universal).

Fouta Records Social Media

Fouta Records on Facebook
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Mystique and Fouta Records is featured in Reggae Festival Guide, 22nd Edition

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