Gospel Beginnings in Kentucky Produce Angel Sessions

Angel Sessions, born in Lousiville, KY while currently residing in Southern CA, is an American R&B-Gospel singer-songwriter who creates unique, spiritual ballads paired with upbeat music that resonates with bitter-sweet emotions while fulfilling for her listeners.

By Miriah Stacy
Staff Writer

Angel Sessions, born in Lousiville, KY while currently residing in Southern CA, is an American R&B-Gospel singer-songwriter who creates unique, spiritual ballads paired with upbeat music that resonates with bitter-sweet emotions while fulfilling for her listeners.

This exceptionally talented musical muse embarked upon her journey into the world of music at a young age growing up in Kentucky.

“Louisville Kentucky is like a more laid back city but also, there are so many friendly people who always are so kind that when they pass you by, they say hello,” mentions Angel Sessions whose hometown is known for bluegrass due to the Kentucky Derby.

Image of Angel Sessions, provided by Angel Sessions.

“I’ve always wanted to sing and started at a very young age around six –years-old. I would entertain my mom’s friends and her when they would come over and visit because my mom would always ask me to sing for them. I loved it and was praised a lot for my talent. It was just something deep-rooted in me to be a professional singer and reach the world through my talent.” Angel Sessions states that her strong faith in the Holy Principles and love for Christ compelled her to pursue her passion—music. As Angel Sessions gained experience through years, more opportunities came her way, sealing the fate she already knew.

“I knew this was something special and I was destined for greatness to be the national and international recording artist I am today.” Angel Sessions rejoices.

The award-winning artist has delivered several spell-binding stage performances. However, the performance that truly stood out and left an ever-lasting mark on her memory was the Pre-Grammy party performance in Los Angeles. With consistent hard work, Angel Sessions aspires to perform at the Grammy’s one day.

“There were many people along the way who doubted me and thought I was wasting my time. They could not see the vision and also some were jealous of my success.” She states even though she has pursued and gained many successes in life at this point.

Furthermore, one cannot assume that it’s been a smooth road for Angel Sessions. Nevertheless she overcame others’ opinions, never giving doubt a chance. Angel Sessions always told herself that she had what it takes so she will never give up.

“I’ve done so much in my music career but the defining moment was when I first stepped into the studio and recorded my first two original songs and shot a video for one of them. I got a deal; both for my music and my video at BET. [sic] The video was received with a great review from BET.” Says Angel Sessions about BET who wrote back to the soulful singer congratulating her by announcing that her video was chosen to air on BET for one of their segments called Home Jam Video Pick Of The Week hosted by Donnie Simpson.

Angel Sessions; who has progressed enough to become a Grammy-voting member, had music inspiration from growing up listening to Janet Jackson that pushed her to strive for greatness. At a young age, she envisioned herself being onstage like the world-renowned Jackson sister. Even though she is a songwriter herself and has over 13 worldwide albums, releases and multiple singles releases; covering a Janet Jackson song brought in more new fans who did not know who she was, thus some of Janet’s fans became her own.

“I grew up watching Janet Jackson and loved her music, her charisma, and her dance moves. Her songs weren’t just songs, but each were substance with a story to tell.” She recalls.

Sessions and her partners founded their record label, Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC in 2017. The founding members are made up of Angel Sessions, Rodney Crews and Demetrius Guidry. A.E.E. are members of the Recording Industry Association of America (R.I.A.A.). A.E.E. has their own online Atlas Elite Entertainment Award Show on their #AEE Youtube Channel. Due to Angel Sessions success, getting through struggles and massive growth, she feels compelled to share industry secrets she has learned along the way.

“Start off by getting a good studio, even if it’s a home studio and record a single. Upload it to a free site like SoundCloud or Reverbnation and share it with your friends and family. Ask them what [sic] they think of your new song. Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism when given one from a professional industry person. It’s not an overnight success so don’t expect it to be when you first try. Invest in yourself and most important learn the business. Don’t trust anyone who tells you they can make you a star. And finally, obtain a good team of people you can trust to work with.” Shares Angel Sessions who is a N.A.A.C.P. member refuses to forget where she came from. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs at A.E.E. have started their own online magazine. Because Rodney Crews is a scriptwriter and has written many scripts made for films, A.E.E. is planning to be producing films with Sony Pictures soon. Since the start of their company, they have become global so it is no wonder that marketing and promotions for Angel Sessions music are handled by the brand.

Image of Angel Sessions provided by Angel Sessions.

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