By Aaris A. Schroeder

The Founders of The 7th Annual Slap Frost Tour are slated to perform Friday, November 18 at The Colony at 3512 Stockton Blvd in Sacramento, California which includes an array of Bay Area Talent, including the founders DJ True Justice, Vocab Slick and Z-Man.

Along with the founding members, this crew of true Bay Area Hip Hop icons has enlisted fresh talent such as Foreign Legion (Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner), Louisville, KY’s RMLLW2LLZ and Sacramento’s very own Moon Magic, The Hip Hop Witch. The West Coast leg of The Slap Frost Tour also includes Outsiders Syndicate, The Bay Area’s Roughest Hip Hop Battle Squad) and the show will be hosted by member Nord1Kone.

“We provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to learn the ins and outs of touring independently. We have achieved this goal annually since 2014 and have recently opened the opportunity up to artists outside of our home region,” according to DJ True Justice, The Bay Area’s most exciting DJ.

The Slap Frost Tour, which the crew considers an annual “Rap Vacation,” has performed in over 98 cities and 41 states across the United States since it began in 2014. While coming through Sacramento on the 18th, this is nearing the end of the crew’s West Coast Leg of their tour. The Slap Frost Tour started off in the Mid-West traveling from The Bay Area all the way to Illinois, making stops in Iowa to Missouri, even Louisville, Kentucky which is RMLLW2LLZ.’s hometown. The crew weaved all throughout the Mid-West and ended their tour in Racine, Wisconsin, with a total of 15 performance stops. Similarly, the West Coast Leg of The Slap Frost Tour includes 15 cities.

Before the show gets started at The Colony, Z-Man is having a meet-and-greet at Twelves Wax, a notorious Record Store (3324 Broadway) in Downtown Sacramento and hosted by Dreda Dre. The event, which takes place between 4-7 pm is in lieu of his new ‘vegan-friendly’ album entitled, Animal Slavery,” where fans can take the first listen upon dropping the album. Enjoy free herbs and treats, take pics with Z-Man and the rest of The Slap Frost Crew.

Tonight, starting off at 7 pm, featuring Local Sacramento Hip Hop artist Charlie Muscle and DJ Jay Two will be spinning records, keeping the crowd moving at The Colony as The Slap Frost Crew performs an array of live music while having fun! After performing tonight in Sacramento, the crew will be performing at Whiskey Dicks in South Lake Tahoe on the 19th with the last stop in Vocab Slick’s hometown of Santa Rosa at the Whiskey Tip venue on the 20th.

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