Put “Grease” by Jules Burn on MF Repeat!

Jules Burn droppin big gems on us with his most recent hit Grease off his latest album project Perfect.

This one was worth the wait, as our own local (Sacramento CA’s) favorite underground skateboarder gon’ rapper or rapper gon’ skateboarder?… Either way it don’t matter when ya boy Jules Burn droppin big gems on us like his most recent drop Grease off his latest music project he calls Perfect. I still gotta listen to the whole album, but when i heard “Grease” it was definitely worth letting the underground learn more about this talented up-coming artist. Now im not sure if its the sick jazzy guitar sample or if dude has a mad scientist beat maker (i’ll have to research that) cause i had this one loopin about 5x’s while i wrote this review, and it is that dope! If you know any of Jules other works his street level lyrical portrayals and technique is as always refreshingly delivered with sick, non-stop, one breathe flows that make you wonder when this skater dude ever comes up for air. Im throwin this one in the playlist for ya’ll as a guaranteed banger. You gotta go listen and stream Grease now!

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Artist: @julesburn

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