Word On The Street: Just Lately, “Day Dreams & Warm Nights…”

Artist: Just Lately
Album: “Day Dreams & Warm Nights”
Produced/Engineered By: Azure

Just Lately does not come slow, just right on time while he shows believers in hip-hop the truth with, “Rise and Shine” meanwhile, self-produced via Just Lately Music; also known as J. Lately to his fans understands how to personify what we go through every day.

“The Medicine” has a flow so true, as a listener one can’t help but bob their head. Move faster and you will be greeted with sound-happiness.

“Good Stuff” reeks top song for the album, beats and lyrics, equally. Don’t ever say I didn’t tell you.

Hawaiian Ukelele with J. Lately in the air brings abroad live hip-hop to the forefront. A song that sounds so sweet as J. opens up and is honest. Of course, weed is always involved on, “Work Hard Play Hard.”

J. Lately hooks up with Chase Moore [Sacramento, CA-based], on, “Energy,” featuring Zumbi and Deuce Eclipse. The lyrics flow around the beat at hand it it seems to never stop.

For more information about J. Lately, shows, purchasing merch or albums, hit up www.JustLatelyMusic.com

J. Lately

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