Grawl: TigerPaw Brings Hip, Trip and Bass to the Radio, Stage and More…

Artist: TigerPaw
Compilation Album: “Drum & Bass”
Produced By: TigerPaw

By Aaris A. Schroeder

“Drum & Bass” meets trip-hop; all night TigerPaw does it live and on his radio show.

He invites you into his world through his mixes. Watch him on his live radio show and you will see him in his notorious dark sunglasses rocking out.

You may or may not recognize what TigerPaw is mixing up but trust this, he can produce live, a skill that is honed and that many DJ and turntablist newbies can learn by.

For more info and to get your ear to his radio show, visit TigerPaw on Facebook:


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