JB Nimble & Citizen Showcase Local East Bay Talent & Love

Artist: JB Nimble & Citizen

Album, “Nowstalgia”
Produced By: Ear Peace Records

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Ear Peace Records was once a lovely hip-hop venue, apparel shop, graffiti haven for cans and pens and also a place to network, grow and create. This is where I met JB and Citizen. The venue is gone however, Ear Peace Records continues to produce indie hip-hop such as these guys on JB and Citizen’s album, “Nowstalgia.”

The album is reminicent of The A Team, comprised of Aceylone and Albstract Rude. Cali hip-hop sounds from the late ’90s. Currently they have produced songs with Sacramento artists, such as Task1ne and Sacramento turn San Francisco artist, Mad Flows.

For more information about these guys, visit www.studymusicgroup.com and www.earpeacerecords.com. By the way, the video below is produced at Nick’s Lounge in South Berkeley, CA. Karaoke all day!

JB Nimble & Citizen

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