‘Lose U’ Music Video: UK’s Daniel Keane’s Summery Pop Banger

Daniel Keane, hailing from the UK’s latest track “Lose U,” released May 29,  is a beachy-bop about long-distance relationships.

By Malvika Padin
Staff Writer

Daniel Keane, hailing from the UK’s latest track “Lose U,” released May 29,  is a beachy-bop about long-distance relationships.

Written in the summer about missing his girlfriend who was overseas at the time, “Lose U” is lyrically relatable and sonically fresh, with its distinctive Cure-inspired riff, club-ready rhythm and pop beat.

Image Provided by Malvika Paden.

Keane blends shoegaze with a dreamy-pop landscape indicative of his wide-  ranging musical influences such as Beach House and The Smiths.

This sonic blend of synth-pop and indie rock in “Lose U;” which is also Keane first collaboration with the band Count Stars frontwoman Kate Wintie, is elevated by the fluorescent colors and vintage energy the music video which is reminiscent of old Beatle mania and YouTube videos of the past. The hazy musical offering with its catchy melody and the sharply contrasting bright music video makes for an experience that is a treat for the eyes and ears alike.

“I wanted to make a video that matched the euphoria of my song.” Keane shares his experience making a DIY music video in collaboration with his girlfriend who is also his musical partner Charlotte Dumont.

The video shot completely in the outdoors seems like a party and is reflective of the kind of summer everyone in the world wished they had right now during the COVID19 Pandemic, instead of being stuck inside! So, stay in, and live vicariously through Keane’s “Lose U” music video!

My girlfriend Charlotte and I work together on the music videos, working to create a warm and bright aesthetic – one to brighten up the dreary modern times. My songs are about adults in crisis really, and this one is about the pain of losing people you care for in a drunken haze – it’s very British that way.Keane shares about their musical process.

Recently, Keane participated in the livestream for the 10th annual UK Maidstone Fringe Festival and was named one of the “stand-out acts” of the stream. In the run-up to the release of ‘Lose U,’ Keane’s social media is set to see lots of fun content including casual live streams and much more.

Keep an eye out for all the exciting things to come ahead of ‘Lose U’s release .


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