‘Life Is Pretty Jelly’ with David Parsons III

"Starting over is not always easy, however for Kauai-island based singer-songwriter David Parsons III, it was detrimental to his health and in turn, he was able to start anew, open up his own home studio DEPIII Music Group & Studios and in-turn to produce and release ‘island-style’ music to help relieve his soul." -- By Aaris A. Schroeder | UBOMAG Editor-In-Chief

By Aaris A. Schroeder

Starting over is not always easy, however for Kauai-island based singer-songwriter David Parsons III, it was detrimental to his health and in turn, he was able to start anew, discover his gift for song-writing, founded a music label and recording studio and in-turn produce and release tropical indie music to help relieve his soul.

Parsons has always had an infinity for music and once he left his celebrity marketing career in the bustling city of Los Angeles, he finally had the chance to expand on creating music, discovering a gift he did not know he had. Parsons job was demanding as he worked with popular celebrity NFL athletes creating websites and e-commerce platforms while working to enhance their personal brand.

Image of David Parsons III and Angel Banuelos & Provided By DEPIII Music Group

Before landing on Kauai, Parsons was working on a book for World War II Combat Veteran Angel Banuelos who was also his life mentor through his college years. Before Banuelos passed away, he encouraged Parsons to hit the “rest button” as he put it. The book, “Through Angel’s Eyes” will be complete and ready to publish Spring 2022. Parsons is also working on second book entitled, “Reset” which is the story about how he went from making six-figures as CEO of his marketing agency to purchasing a one-way ticket to Kauai, working as a buss boy and starting from scratch–discovering his passion for music which is now allowing him new opportunities.

Parsons bought his first guitar his senior year in high school, picking it up here and there over his college years but he never had a chance to take lessons or study music theory. Upon moving to Kauai and finding residence, Parsons’ landlord, Mitch Milan who also happens to play ukulele, began to invite him to jam sessions with other neighbors, allowing him to open up and gain confidence in his music abilities. It was during these jam sessions that Parsons discovered he could sing, eventually writing music and performing with Milan local venues across the Hawaiian Islands.

Before landing on Kauai, Parsons’ relationship with music was related to childhood memories of camping trips in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern CA, listening to old classics by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and other Rat Pack artists with his parents and three younger brothers while driving to their favorite fishing holes over summer break. As Parsons grew into his own, he gained an affection for singer-songwriters like Jack Johnson, John Mayor, Van Morrison, Zac Brown and Tim McGraw unknowingly by happenstance becoming his influences for his own music years later.

Image of David Parsons III & Provided By DEPIII Music Group

Christian rhythm-rock band, Jars of Clay was especially powerful to him while going through deep depression. One song, in particular, No One Loves Me Like You literally saved his life. Parsons found himself on the edge of a depression-cliff and if it were not for this song coming in on his earphones one fateful evening, he would have committed suicide by train. Six years later, Parsons found himself at a benefit concert at his alma mater, Azusa Pacifica University where Jars of Clay was performing for an intimate performance. Standing in the last rows of the amphitheater, Parsons engaged in conversation with another spectator, sharing the story of the band’s influence and how the song defused his suicidal ideologies at the moment when he needed help the most. Unaware to Parsons, he was speaking with Mike Lenda, the Chief Operating Officer of Blood:Water MissionJars of Clay’s official nonprofit foundation. At the end of the concert, Lenda took Parsons backstage where he had a chance to thank the band face-to-face for writing and recording the song that saved his life.

“I’ve seen the connecting of fabrics and there is a divinity to it. Now, fast forward, here I am writing music and it blows my mind! If it weren’t for that song, I would not be standing here.” Parsons looks back, reminiscing about the power of music that has played in his life as a redemptive force, full-circle.

Image of DEPIII Studios & Provided By DEPIII Music Group

Not only working in advertising, starting an authoring career, Parsons also was and still is a motivational speaker where he gives talks about practical marketing techniques and how to start a new business. More recently, he speaks on how to become a DIY musician as well as self-help coaching and speaking on how to move past suicidal thoughts, finding tangible solutions and learning to ask for help.

“I want to make sure the music that comes out of the DEPIII Music Group & Studios leaves people with a message that has redeeming qualities.” Explains Parsons who says, “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a happy message, real life isn’t always happy but music has an incredible power to evoke emotion and I want what comes out of my studio–whether it be my music or other musicians I sign to my label– to [offer] themes of hope. So much of popular music these days is about shock and awe– the message isn’t something that really encourages or uplifts people… it’s just about pushing the envelope. I want to be different.”

Parsons is grateful to be surrounded by an excellent team who has joined him and his label “DEPIII Music Group & Studios.” He explains how there is a lot that goes into recording, producing and marketing an artist as well as developing their brand. His team consists of Jason Blasco who is his Public Relations Manager (Founder of the PR Firm Blasco Says Publicity, kDen who is Parsons’ Booking Agent and Talent Manager who also owns his own branding and consulting business and Calen Hiramoto who is in charge of music videos and a founder at Kauai Made Films.

“I am grateful for people much smarter and talented than I,” Parsons wittingly says, “There’s a lot of hardworking folks that bring music to life. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“Let Me Love You” Original Music/Lyrics by David Parsons III | Video Credit & Sponsor: Follow @rocky_snax |
Audio & Video Produced by David Parsons III & DEPIII Music Group Engineered,
Mixed & Mastered by David Parsons III & David Schiebner.

Some of Parsons accomplishments since beginning his journey on Kauai as a musician include his song, “Let Me Love You” becoming a theme song for Major League Baseball’s TV show, “Legends: The San Francisco Giants – World Series Champions” on MSNBC-Universal. The show still airs on Comcast SportsNET and is used in 2021 game broadcasts. Parsons was also invited to perform at the West Most Freedom Fest’s 4th of July Firework Concert where there were over 8K in attendance. Parsons travels to the mainland U.S.A. monthly where he performs and makes appearances on media outlets such as ABC10 “Your California Lifewhich debuted his original song, “Top Down.” Opportunities continued to fall into Parson’s lap and now his music can be heard on terrestrial and streaming radio shows across the U.S.A. and in over 30 countries.

“Beautiful Things” Original Music/Lyrics by David Parsons III | Audio Produced DEPIII Music Group
& Studios Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by David Parsons III & David Schiebner |
Directed, Filmed, Edited & Colored by Calen Hiramoto

If you enjoy Parsons’ music and want to support his music career consider joining The Believers Ohana by visiting https://www.davidparsonsiii.com/partner 

The Believers Ohana (“Ohana” meaning “family” in Hawaiian) are Parsons’ army of financial contributors. Members of The Believers Ohana receive an exclusive T-shirt, discounts on concert tickets and online merchandise, plus members will receive a FREE downloadable archive of all Parsons’ music. All contributions made by The Believers Ohana goes directly to the recording and release of Parsons music, along with the financing of music videos and tours.

“Where You Are” Original Music/Lyrics by David Parsons III | Audio Produced DEPIII Music Group
& Studios | Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by David Parsons III & David Schiebner |
Directed, Filmed, Edited & Colored by Calen Hiramoto

Of course, this story wouldn’t be complete with one of our favorite songs here at UBOMAG and one of Parsons’ most well-known tracks he has released, Life Is Jelly,” a sweet song about falling in love and the happy nerves that come with it. The song itself is dedicated to Parsons’ wife. The song bleeds island-style living, relaxing on a hammock by the ocean with your favorite “bae” as he calls her in the song, offering a little Bob Marley in the lyrics as he recites:

You got me tongue twisted, twitterpated, butterflies are coming baby, think I am being silly it’s true | Cuz my palms are
sweaty, heart’s confetti, limbs are feeling like spaghetti,
Life is pretty jelly with you.

“Life Is Jelly” By David Parsons III

Parsons has been keeping busy with interviews and performing at weekly shows and private events. Currently, Parsons and his team are looking to continue receiving interviews and reviews with the press and radio as well as booking festivals, corporate events and live concerts. If interested in these opportunities, contact his team.

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