Savage Enterprises Receives TOP 100 Brands in FORBES Magazine

By Stephen “Slyide| Wood
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Savage Enterprises, founded in Orange, CA by Chris Wheeler and Matt Winters in hopes to find an alternative to combustible cigarettes which opened the doors for the two partners to create their own e-cigarette where they were able to open a storefront. Offering groundbreaking solutions to traditional cigarette smoking.

To start, Wheeler and Winters opened Vapor Chamber which was then changed to Savage Vapor later on, named after their e-cigarettes they concocted by mixing e-Liquid to create certain flavors that were available for sale. Later, being able to brand their product and making it available to the public to purchase online and in bulk to other businesses allowed them to close the vape shop in 2016 and work in wholesale.

Around the same time, Wheeler and Winters decided to get into the CBD market just as it was gaining speed, offering unique CBD products through Savage Enterprises that are FDA-certified to over 8000 customers that they have served since then. The two-some have also received several awards under their belt such as being voted “Best E-liquid” in 2019 at the Dynasty Expo and Vapor Voice Magazine. They also received “Best Fruit E-Juices” of 2019 and 2020 through Vapor Authority and “Top 10 Best Nicotine Salts” in the Guide To Vaping. Best of all, they are received “Top 100 Brands of 2019” through FORBES Magazine.

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So UBOMAG was lucky enough to get in contact with Wheeler and Winters at Savage Enterprises to check out some of their products and share them with our audience. The care package UBOMAG received included CBD products: a tincture, lotion, gummies and a rechargeable vape device. Upon trying the Savage Gummies, I felt super relaxed without an intense euphoria due to the 50 MG Isolate of CBD per gummy (with a total of 300 MG for the entire bag of 6-pieces). The gummies tasted amazing, almost as if they were made by Haribo; very sweet and delectable, mouthwatering taste.

I happened to be having some shoulder and knee pain a couple days later, so I applied an 8-oz sized topical full-spectrum 300 MG lotion under their Essentials By Savage line to my knee and shoulder and suddenly both of my joints began to tingle and the pain was relieved in less than 30-minutes. I was left with a very pleasant calmness and the sensation from the CBD-lotion to my joints offered immediate relief.

The Savage CBD vape device came as a pre-filled 250 MG, creating an active ambiance in their Maui-Wowie Sativa oil has a very pleasant scent which included a mild sense of euphoria, relieving me of anxiety which I suffer from. Savage CBD vape pens also come in a Strawberry Melon, Berry Mint and Mango Citrus flavors for their 200 MG editions. They also have 250 MG vape-devices (which is what UBOMAG had the chance to review) that offer Sweet Dreams with their Grape-Ape Indica flavor and A Relax vibe which comes in an Apple-Kush Hybrid flavor and all of which are disposable pens.  

Next, I applied a full-spectrum 1500 MG pear and peach-flavored CBD-tincture under their Essentials By Savage line that comes in a 1-oz bottle under my tongue with a dropper it comes with offering a mild effect. I decided to refill my vape device with the tincture and was able to get a much more amazing affect. The tincture, which also comes in a lime-orange citrus flavor, grapefruit and cucumber-mint flavor in 1000, 1500 and 2000 MG amounts, is very relaxing and calming; just an overall pleasant experience to say the least.

This is a product, which is available online and worldwide, has had over 8000 happy customers. Savage CBD also offers pre-rolled Hemp Flower (CBD) as well as other Savage brands like Savage E-Liquid, Sen Panda Holistic Health, the RIPE Collection, the SWEET Collection, the CREAM Collection and the RIPE ICE Collection offering e-liquid, CBD, Holistic Health and other types of branded items like Kratom. To learn more, check out the links below and find your own R&R.


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