AS SEEN IN VARIETY: Rami Even-Esh Remembers Friend Gangsta Boo

Lola Chantrelle Mitchell, famously known amongst the Hip Hop world as Gangsta Boo passed away on Sun, Jan 1, 2023


By Aaris A. Schroeder

Recently Lola Chantrelle Mitchell, famously known amongst the Hip Hop world as Gangsta Boo passed away on Sunday, January 1, 2023 as we all entered into a New Year. With so much going on in this world that can drive any one of us nuts or cause us even depression and anxiety; mental illness is no joke and neither is addiction.

My friend, Rami Even-Esh recently published an article in VARIETY entitled, “Remembering Gangsta Boo as a Friend and Fellow Rapper Who Deserved Her Flowers.” The story covered her history in music and according to Even-Esh – whose friends call him Rami and his fans call him Kosha Dillz – the tragedy that ended her life.

I introduced myself to Boo as a sober person, which was always intriguing to her. She would say how “proud” she was of me, but I knew Boo had her own issues. Now that the music community is reflecting on their own experiences with Lola, many are afraid to taint someone’s legacy with the truth, so here is mine.Rami Even-Esh, Variety, January 2, 2023.

Gangsta Boo, born August 7, 1979, was a trailblazing female Hip Hop artist from the south who pounced on the scene in 1995 at the young age of 16-years-old, joining Three 6 Mafia. The group dropped droopy, sway-worthy gems like Late Nite Tip and later on in 1998, for the ladies, the dolla anthem, “Where Dem Dollas At;” putting down some early trap sounds. Her body was found by Delmar H. Lawrence, known to the Hip Hop industry as Mr. Del Lawrence, also a part of Three 6 Mafia, on Monday, January 1 in the afternoon when she was found unconscious in his home located in Memphis, TN. Her death has yet to be determined. Condolences to all of her fans, friends and family and may she Rest In Hip Hop.

Please take the time to read Kosha Dillz story in VARIETY so you can learn more about this talented rapper’s life; her triumphs and her struggles and how much Gangsta Boo meant to so many, especially for women in Hip Hop and those closest to her. If you or anyone close to you seems to have signs of depression or drug abuse; always reach out to someone, Help Is Available: like what LOGIC said in his song, “1-800-273-8255.”

READ VARIETY: Rami Even-Esh Remembers Fellow Hip Hopper & Friend Gangsta Boo

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